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To find our cheeses, visit our locations page. If you are interested in selling our cheese or offering it as a part of your restaurant’s offerings, please email us! We also do offer shipping and purchasing of individual shipments. If you are interested, please email us to place your order. We can also take your order over the phone. Simply give us a call at 410-820-6647 or email us at info@chapelscreamery.com.
Be sure to visit the restaurants, farmer’s markets and grocers that support our little family farm! If you are a restaurant, chef, or grocer, we offer wholesale accounts. Please contact us via email at Email us at: info@chapelscreamery.com or call us 410-820- 6647 We are in the process of developing some new cheeses and would love to have you join us in introducing them to the public!
The Fosters, owners and artisans of Chapel’s Country Creamery Cheeses and their beloved Jersey Cow, Rainey.